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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a thinner shaft diameter later on?
Send your cue to our repair department. (Refer to the instructions on how to go about sending your cue in for repair.)
Can I get a different kind of tip on my Viking cue?
Yes, we also offer the Elk Master (soft), Crown (medium), Champion (medium-hard), Buffalo (hard), and Triangle (hard). Additional charges apply for tips other than the standard French LePro (hard) tip.
Can I get a different taper?
Yes. Other tapers we offer include the "old Viking" taper (8 to 10 inches) and the European taper (starts to widen immediately at the ferrule). We will do other tapers upon request. There is an additional charge for tapers other than standard.
Why would I want to purchase an extra shaft for my Viking cue?
You may want to purchase an extra shaft for your Viking cue if you play a lot and think you might want to have a backup shaft in case something happens to your primary cue shaft, such as loss of a tip during play..
How do Viking shafts compare to Predator 314 shafts?
Predator 314 shafts consist of 10 pieces of maple specially engineered to reduce cue ball deflection, shaft vibration, and increase spin. Viking shafts are made from one solid piece of hard-rock maple. Viking shafts have a pro taper (12 to 14 inches) and a proprietary ferrule and are designed to achieve similar results. Because Viking shafts are also engineered to reduce cue ball deflection and increase cue ball spin, we recommend you try the Viking shaft before spending a significant amount of money on the purchase of an after-market shaft.
Can I retrofit a Predator 314 shaft to my existing Viking cue?
Yes. Obtain a blank Predator 314 from a Predator dealer and send the Predator 314 shaft blank and your entire Viking cue (butt and all existing shafts) to the attention of our repair department.
Can I have a Predator 314 shaft on my new Viking cue?
Yes. You or your nearest authorized Viking Cue dealer should obtain a Predator 314 shaft and send it to the attention of our order department. Your dealer should send the order along with the Predator 314 shaft.