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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of a Viking cue?
58 inches.
Is there a difference in the quality of a low-end and high-end Viking cue?
No. Each Viking cue, regardless of price, is subject to the same stringent quality control standards as it makes its way through our production process. There are over a dozen quality control checks in our process.
Do you use different grades of wood?
Yes, and we do not compromise quality or durability when grading wood. We grade wood based on cosmetic appearance.
What kind of tip is on my Viking cue?
All Viking cues come standard with a French LePro hard tip.
What kind of ferrule does my Viking cue have?
Your Viking cue has a proprietary ferrule made in our factory in Madison, Wisconsin. Our ferrules are made from an extremely durable, high-impact plastic material that is resistant to cracking, chipping, and breaking.
What kind of taper does my Viking cue have?
Your Viking cue has a pro taper of 12 to 14 inches.
What is the difference between a stain and paint?
Stain is absorbed into the wood and transparent. When stained, the wood grain is still visible. Paint is applied on the wood, and it is rare to be able to see the grain through the paint.
Is pearl durable enough for a forearm?
No. Pearl does not have the same strength as wood. Extra care should be taken so as to avoid any kind of impact with the pearl materials.
Where is the balance point in a Viking cue?
The balance point is within 3/4 of an inch above or below the wrap on most Viking cues.