Cue care & Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the weight in my Viking cue?
All current models of Viking cues feature an adjustable weight-bolt system. You should return to your authorized Viking Cue dealer to have the weight adjusted in your cue. We do not recommend you change the weight yourself.
How should I care for my Viking cue tip?
We suggest a Brad scuffer for shaping and scuffing. The Tip-Pik tool works well for preparing the tip to hold chalk better. Tip curvature should be similar to that of either a dime or nickel, depending on personal preference.
How often should I replace the tip on my Viking cue?
You should replace the tip as often as necessary so as to avoid any damage to the ferrule. Do not let the curvature of the tip get down to the ferrule.
What is side pressure?
Side pressure is any force exerted upon the cue from the side. Cues are made to withstand significant straight-line impact when the tip appropriately makes contact with the cue ball. Side pressure can result from a number of circumstances:
  1. leaning a cue against the wall, stool, or table
  2. laying your cue on the table with the butt resting on the rail
  3. whipping your cue around like a sword
  4. breaking with too much follow through
  5. moving balls with the shaft of your cue
  6. dropping your cue on the floor
  7. slamming your cue against the table or on the bed of the table in frustration
Obviously, there are other forms of side pressure. We have listed the most common forms. Side pressure may not necessarily result in immediate external damage to the cue. An interior fracture may occur. The interior fracture will then make its way to the surface of the cue when continuously used in normal play or if exposed to any form of additional side pressure. Damages as a result of any of the aforementioned forms of side pressure are not covered under warranty nor are any circumstances of side pressure.
How can I avoid applying side pressure to my Viking cue?
First and foremost, never loan your cue to anyone. No one will take care of your cue as well as you will. If you must lean your cue against a wall, do so at the slightest possible angle away from foot traffic. Obtain a cue holder. Lay your cue flat on the bed of the table. That will not only prevent any circumstance of side pressure, but it will also prevent your opponent from breaking until you are ready.
How should I store my Viking cue?
We recommend you store your Viking cue in a protective cue case at room temperature. Do not store your cue in a rack in the basement. Do not leave your cue in your car in the hot sun or cold weather. As a general rule of thumb, if you are not using your cue, store it in a cue case and tuck it away under your bed or in a closet, but not in your car or basement.
Can I use a piece of a brown paper bag, a dollar bill, or sandpaper to smooth my Viking cue shaft?
Yes. Using a piece of a brown paper bag works well if you need to smooth your Viking cue shaft in a hurry and don't have access to anything else. We caution against using regular sandpaper unless it has very fine grit (600 and up). Sandpaper can remove the original finish or sealant and reduce the diameter of the shaft if sanded too much. Using 000 steel wool works fine too, but be careful not to overuse it. We suggest you use the Q-Wiz cue shaft conditioning disc to smooth and polish your cue shaft.
Can I use any kind of after-market product to care for my Viking cue?
Yes. Read the instructions carefully so as to avoid any potential damage to your Viking cue.